Driving Business Growth with Social Media Marketing

Why use Facebook & Instagram ads?

Social Media is where the most attention is, regardless of age. These two specific platforms do A LOT to help businesses connect with their ideal audience online. These targeting abilities are far more advanced than radio, tv, or billboard ads. You can set an ad and reach your ideal audiences giving them the ability to opt in or buy on the spot. There has NEVER been a better way and a better time to market using social media ads. We will breakdown the basic starting points of getting started, point out reasons social media ads work, and ways businesses give up on social ads due to not running them correctly. Need help managing ads? Contact Hustle Media Group for ad creation and targeting help!

#1: Getting Started

Start with your own Facebook business page, if you do not have a business facebook page, click here to create one. Be sure to connect your Instagram account as well. (Businesses may run ads even without a strong social media presence) Contact us for help on getting started at Hustle Media Group.

1): What are you looking to promote or sell? 

 – Identify a Call to Action (CTA) to convince people to take action. 

2): What value does it offer?

– Don’t sell, connect and create interest. How does your product or service help? What lifestyle does it create? Or what problem does it solve?

3): Who is your ideal audience? *Narrow focus is better*

              – Age 

              – Location 

              – Interest(s)

              – Demographics 

4): Where are you sending them to? A Lead Funnel or a Landing Page? *Increase ROI & conversions with funnels*

 – Leads are GOLD. Collect and retarget audiences. TIP: Create a value giveawayto generate leads through a lead funnel.

 – Sales Funnels simply sell. Install a retargeting pixel on the website, lead funnel, and sales funnel and retarget new site visitors, leads, and engaging audiences

The Key is in Retargeting

Here at HMG, we know from experience that the key in increasing traffic and conversions is through retargeting. Go to Facebook Pixels and install the pixel onto your website and funnel pages. This will collect data to allow your business to retarget audiences who visited your website or went to a specific page, but didn’t buy. 

#2: Set Up Retargeting Ads

1). Website: Retargeting abilities allow businesses to target B2B and B2C with a crucial factor which is retargeting. Getting your brand mass awareness and in-front of your ideal audiences. People are more likely to buy with something they are familiar with. Use the ads to generate awareness and use pixels to stay in-front of traffic, leads, and ideal audiences. (Install website pages down to the specific blog post)

2). Video: Set 2 or 3 videos. One showcasing what the product or service is, the next having client talking about it, and the third offering a special. Retarget people who watch 9%, 25%, 50%, & 75%+ of your videos. Have the 2nd and 3rd video retargeting the previous video viewers. This is a GREAT way to drive awareness and traffic.

3). Lookalike: It’s the cheapest way to target on Facebook, since you don’t pay as much when you target your own fans versus a cold audience. You tell Facebook that you have these fans, and you want to target people who are similar in likes, interests, activities and behavior. Facebook will give you an audience that’s very similar to the one you’ve already attracted. Target fans of other Facebook pages, such as your competitors or people who are aligned with your business. Amy says the reason she mentioned the other options first is that sometimes when people are first starting out and go to look for similar interests, they struggle to find Facebook pages to pop up.

4). Email: Next, upload your email list to Facebook. Facebook will compare it to their database, and when they find a match, they put the contact in a bucket. This allows you to target people who are already on your email list with a new opportunity. Also, take that email list and ask Facebook to find a lookalike audience.

5). Need help? Your first consultation is free 

Creating Content

Create content that is appealing, showcasing the solutions or lifestyle it creates. Have influencers talking about the product or using it. Use videos and photos for your ads. Just be sure to focus on the creative. If your ad got no results, maybe the content didn’t work? Use getting started steps 1-4 info to create your content. Always tailor the creative towards your ideal audience. Let’s get started. 

#3: The Creative

1). Identify: What is the objective of the ad? Who are you trying to target and what are you promoting? Who are some influential people who can help reach your ideal audiences?

2). Create: Once you know what’s being advertised, and you know the CTA, audiences, and objective. How can you create a photo, design, or video that showcases it? Without pushing a sale so hard? We recommend a what, why, and special focus. Create a piece of content that shows the service or product in action, being used, and the solutions being solved. Maybe create a video of people using the product and talking about it for the second piece of content. And then create a sales promo design for the third or even a video offering the sale. Connect… it’s social media. If you’re really new and people don’t know you or your brand yet, run with content and build as you go.

3). Set: The goal is to let the ad creative speak for itself. Since you can only have 20% text in an ad graphic, use the Facebook grid tool to test your images before uploading them.

Create an Attention Grabbing Headline

For Facebook ads, create a headline below the image and add a description. However, the most important text for your ad is right above the image. Hustle Media Group suggests you lead with an obvious “yes” question or a statement of value.

#4: Ad Headline

1). Text: Try this text format: Start with your question. Then write two sentences to tell your audience what to do. Also, include either the link in the text or write “click below” to lead your readers to the link in the ad.

2). Action Button: You can choose a call-to-action button such as “watch now, “download“ or “click“ to show up below the graphic in your ad.

3). Use your getting started streps 1-4 and use the CTA in the ad text.

Set a Budget

HMG suggests to start by spending $5 for each ad set. To set up an ad, you create a campaign, then an ad set and finally an ad. If you want to set up two ad sets, put $5 to both of those per day. Once the ads in your campaign get going, and you see in your analytics that you’ve gotten a few leads, then invest into the ad campaign that is working, and break it down to duplicate for the next campaign. 

#5: Budget & Set The Ad

1). Testing: It’s crucial to test the ads you run. Set a few and invest into your business. If an ad does great, fantastic! But if not, don’t throw in the towel like many people do. See why and test another ad until you hit your gold mine. Run multiple ads and test them all to see the best results. 

2). Start & Grow: Due to needing to test, start small and test. Analyze and improve the ads you set and invest more into the ads performing well.

3). Run the ad(s) for a few days, a week, or more. Be sure to track results and don’t be afraid to improve ads if you’re not creating the success you want.

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